Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Yawning


I was looking at the last post I did 2 months ago. I guess I did need a break. For the past two months I have hosted a friend from Germany named Lucas. He stayed for a week or so. I saw my friends Keith and Mendi. I saw my grandmother for Mother's Day. The destruction that surrounds here in Mississippi is breath taking. There are whole pine forrest where the trees are laying down like matchsticks . . . for miles. I also saw where Pass Christian used to stand. There is nothing left. Casinos on the Gulf are completely wiped out. And I could not get to New Orleans because the bridge was being reconstructed. But I did see my great-grandfather's land, and I saw a road with my last name on it leading down the middle of his 100 acres.

I finished an application for work in NYC. I decided that the Tennessee career center where I was meeting with a councilor was really a social service oriented type of place and I need a corporate head hunter. I am not a helpless coloured!

I finished the first draft of my screenplay. It is great because I am starting to fill a bit better about completing things, even if they are messy and crappy. I don't think my screenplay is crappy, it is just messy. I need for a director and some actors to see what I see.

I am over Ms. A from Brazil. I have meet an interesting brother here in the city of Nashville. Are there sparks . . . don't know. But there is some sort of bonding. And there is some sort of practicality being born in the spaces between creativity, the search for some intimacy and a real job to pay the bills.

Oh . . . and a paid my bills.

And got a Target Card.

So that is it for now. Nothing new.

Will work on the second writing endeavors this week. At least setting it up.

More later.