Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sick Day Note


I have been sick for about two weeks. First was a fight with a stomach flu, and now it is inflamed tonsils. So, I can't really write. Went and did my diabetic check up in the mist of learning where my tonsils are ("Doc! You mean that is not my throat? But it hurts when I swallow. Amazing!). Blood pressure was slightly elevated but nothing near what landed me in the hospital two years ago. Sugar, need a little help. Gotta keep up the blood testing and finding cash for the Novolog.

Man, this is expensive. I kick myself in my pants for not having insurance, and the more I stare adjunct teaching positions down, the more I think about changing professions. The kind of security I need seems to be impossible in the academic system. At least for me. I am becoming frustrated I guess.

So, that is that. More later.

I wrote a note to Ms Portugal after a long time. She is not mad at me. Thought she was. Maybe we have grown a bit.

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John K said...

I hope you're doing a lot better now, and also, best wishes with the job search.