Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Second Chances

The picture above is of Ganymede. Ganymede is the "water bearer" other wise known as Aquarius in the Zodiac. He was seduced by Zeus and made the chef attendent to the king of the gods. It is my sign.

There is a movie called Second Chances that deals with race and religion in a very interesting way. OK. Maybe not that interesting. I just know of the director from childhood and my mom plays bridge with his aunt.

I liked the film staring and directed by Jeff Carr. In some odd way, I think I am going through the same sort of wave of second chances. I think it was that sentence "Report to the Bursar's office, pick up your bill, get it validated and . . . "

Hell, I have not heard that sentence in 14 years. Two phases of seven, a cycle is repeating and resetting and repeating again,. . . and I am spinning out of my Saturn Return . . . only to return to 1993 . . . no, make that 1992. Interesting.

To be a student, in America, like this again.


Rent Party said...

Saturn Return. Do you also do astrology? This perhaps is a good topic for the next series of posts - how to do astrology.

Littlemilk said...

I know some things about astrology and how it works, but to do an actual chart is out of my league.

But I think one or two post on what I know concerning the Zodiac might work out. There have been a couple of experimental pieces I have been thinking about using the astrology to ask certain questions about society or the past.

You have got my juices flowing again.

Cero said...

I need to see Second Chances. And should have guessed you were Aquarius.

Astrology to investigate society or the past, yes. Charts, there are websites that will do the math ... the issue is the interpretation. That takes skill and technical knowledge, the last of which I don't have, really.

But the reading/interpretation skills, we got in graduate school, as I discovered with a friend one afternoon when, as new assistant professors we were feeling slightly desperate about our futures and went to the local bookstore to read
up on how to tell our fortunes. We bought books, went to the cafe, started reading, and looked up a half hour later to say in chorus:
"This is just like learning literary theory and studying texts!
We can *do* this!" He became quite an accomplished astrologer and gained much technical knowledge. I remained an intuitive amateur.