Saturday, September 01, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

I have to work this weekend. But there are parties on the horizon (Labor Day Weekend is the second New Year's Eve Party for those in academia), plus a Harlem apartment is in my sights. I guess the Bronx will have to wait for now.

But I found this article in The New York Times today. I guess Condoleeza Rice and Peas will have to look for a position elsewhere after her tenure as Secretary of State is up. Maybe she could do the MLA Conference in November.

"Reading Bush Foreign Policy as Post-Post Modern Literature"

What other courses could she teach?


Rent Party said...

"Reading Bush Foreign Policy as Post-Post Modern Literature"

That is pretty good. I am brain dead or I would come up with more. I cannot believe they're going to let her teach, she doesn't know anything ... but ...

Littlemilk said...


The tragedy of the administration is that it has changed the entire course of American history and no one knows it. Our influence and power have waned due to a complete miss management of resources (Katrina and Iraq), failure to reason (managing a war like it is a Fortune 500 company – thank you Mr. Rumsfeld), and igniting a form of American Imperialism in a region of the world that is totally incongruent to our notions of a market economy. I mean isn’t lending money with interest prohibited under Islam? It is evident from the platforms that have been selected by Hillary, Obama, and John Edwards that the reality of the Iraqi Civil War and the decapitation of the American middleclass (mortgage scams . . . and we want a bailout! Please. If mortgages get a bailout, I want one for my student loan).

Obama is making some variations in terms of foreign policy. Hell, why not talk to Cuba! Fidel is really sick and his brother Raul is unpopular. What happens, should be part of the sovereignty of the Cuban people? But can we truly be far brokers of power (as my father always says). Open up some conversation with Chavez, at some point we will have to think of ourselves as part of the Americas, blah, blah, blah.

Condi really did overshot. She is a Russian History specialist who plays Brahms. Great for the Cold War, but not what is needed for the children today. Her intelligence is beyond compare, I just wonder if being young, gifted and black really gets you to a crystal stair or slips your suspenders onto the rainbow so you can sing in Negro Heaven. At least I have been asking myself that question of myself for years. I wonder if Condi ever really has. Maybe we should compile a reading list for her.

Anonymous said...
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John K said...

She's stated that she's returning to Stanford. The woman she owns a home with is still living there, awaiting her. I would personally hope to see her kept as far away from classrooms as possible, except in psychological case studies demonstrating dissimulation-as-an-art (cf. Sissela Bok's work, etc.) or bullshittery, but something tells me she'll be able to stride right into a cushy position back there without breaking a sweat.

Tasmine said...

You write very well.