Thursday, November 16, 2006

Bullet Point Life

1. I don't know where to go with the Harlem Baker? I can't give the attention he would like and I feel guilty. We talked about how our relationship would go as long as it lasted. We will just have to wait and see. That is in the back of my mind, how much access do I give lovers in my life.

2. I have a meeting with some folk at a famous institution about my future tomorrow and I am tripping about it. This is big, but somehow I am not suppose to sweat it. It is kind of like the white people in Pride and Prejudice -- you are suppose to be cool about wanting Mr. Darcy, and it is considered to be in bad taste to express your desire too heavily. Anglophile Americans kill me.

3. I gotta haircut. I have not had a haircut since my stay with the Harlem Baker sometime in September.

4. I have been in the mist of a discussion on Clay Cane's blog concerning the now infamous "Bishop Incident".

5. Discussions about the Black Church and Gay Folk has revealed a lot to me about how people think on the other side of the fence.

6. There are a lot of papers coming out concerning New Orleans. Not sure how I feel about all this contemplation. There is a part of me that just wants to say that it is not that deep. Coloureds were drowning, America watched and demonized Black Folk for trying to stay above water in the Super Dome, whole towns are gone, nobody is going to get the insurance. The other part of me simply wonders if the steeple of my grandmother's church in Picayune, Mississippi was ever picked up.

7. Skip Gates needs more entries for his tome. 100 dollars a pop. If I write ten that is a thousand dollars.

8. Who am I kidding, I ain't writing shit.

9. Need to call Auntie who works in Slidel to see if she can get me some fresh file, I refuse to buy that vile pixie dust that has been sitting on the shelf for 3 years at Zabar's.

10. Time to look at the Police's Syncronicity concert on DVD in the morning.

11. My youngest sister and I have the same taste in music. I am starting to think that I am a total fag, or she is growing up to be a total fag hag. We need to figure this out quick.

12. My job is fun. Not taking it serious at all. Trying that for a change. If it works out it works, if not, then on to the next thing . . . I am already looking.

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