Monday, January 29, 2007

A Snapshot Of A Conversation About Ms. Scott

Today, while doing inventory and eating some of the food that our co-workers brought in I overheard two ladies and one guy talking about not understanding Jill Scott's Family Reunion track.

It went a follows:

"I don't understand it, listen . . . listen to that . . . did you hear . . . listen, listen . . . she sings about scallions and then says celery. It is a weird song. I just don't understand it."

I feel like a college instructor in everyday clothes, and I was just about to leap across the counter and pull out a flow chart . . .but I did not. I just looked and took note, and I let them see that I was looking at them and taking note. What could she not understand, I guess it was the songs articulation and the ROUNDNESS OF THE SOUNDS.

I felt sorry for them. Like their hearts are closed off, but by no fault of their own. I need to liberate my office space. There is some bad vibe in it . . . but maybe it is just who we are . . . in that space.

They don't represent everybody.


Mr.Brian/Mr.Fletcher said...

Some people just don't understand anything.

Anonymous said... was my CD, huh? Who were these people? I am intrigued...

Littlemilk said...

Who the . . .

Why? . . . (exhale)

What the hell!

Damn-and-double-snapshot, I have given my blog address to a co-worker. I must really feel comfortable around you to give out my secret co-ordinances.


The chattering women were the two Em's, and the guy, . . . you will just have to guess.

You have to take the secret whale vow not to mention my identity or this sacred cave where I post my comments in cyberspace.

The Destiny of the World depends on it.

We are fellow writers indeed.