Saturday, February 03, 2007

For Once

Well, I don't have really anything to say. My boss wants to get me moving in a couple of different directions. We will see. This temporary job may lead to where I wanted to be in the first place . . . behind a desk somewhere moving inventory in foreign places. I have heard stories of meteoric rises to the top at this place. My language skills do come in handy and that is a plus for me.

Otherwise, I spent the day with Ava yesterday. We had a good time. We talked about relationships, I watched her shop (I am not a shopper), had a nice Thai meal, another nice meal at a diner on 3rd and 60th (I love that diner, very good food and fresh Lemonade year round) and just walked through the city.

Still looking for work. A financial institution wants to see me at the Jersey Shore on the 8th. I know how these places work . . . almost like a pyramid scam plus commission. So, I am weary. Did four applications this past week to different places. I will have to get back to five a week at least!

German Musicologist comes at the end of the month. We will talk about a project that Alice and I have been tweaking for some time.

That is all.

Nothing to really say. Just contemplating a character and sketching it out. It is funny, after my application to Presbyterian University the voice I was writing in has evaporated. At least that is the result of the query I instigated concerning my spiritual and emotional well being. I wonder if my creative voice will be diminished more in my use of more academic styles of writing. I guess the intended issue is the intended audience.

I need to turn myself back to a stage coach after my brief stint as a pumpkin.

ciao, ciao

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