Sunday, February 04, 2007

The End of the Earth

Das Experiment called from the most southern Western city on earth last night right after I posted my blog entry for Saturday. He lives in a city called Invercargill. It is at the most southern tip of New Zealand. We had a ten minute conversation about life.

He said that Invercargill would be too boring for me, I would have to live in Auckland.
He said that most Americans that ex-patriate to New Zealand end up in Australia.
Most Europeans that ex-patriate stay.
He felt that things were 30 years behind.
He said there were some hot girls in his MBA program.
He said I could handle it.
It is like rural Germany.
But, it is more like Ireland.
Or England.
Or Scotland.
I said life was the same for me.
I looked up Invercargill on the net, and yes that shit is at the end of the world.
Might make a nice trip.
But that is just a mental note.
Das Experiment sounded a little down and isolated.

I also saw parts of Female Trouble by John Waters on IFC this past Friday night. Now I will have to see this Trash Trilogy.

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