Friday, September 15, 2006

The Cybersphere As A Portal To Grooving Ass

GeeeWhizzzz! I have all these blogs linked to my blog. I have started to check them out, and through them I have seen some have retired, while others are still blogging. I also found a long lost friend of sorts who I have to hit up this week when I go down town.

I also found an old friend that is now a jet setting producer. He just followed his dream and did not think that much about it, which is starting to be my motto of late. He goes to Norway and London all the time. He said that he wanted to produce a song with me before I left because my voice is very old, like 1950's scratchy Ben E. King or Sam Cooke. It is somewhat like that. It depends on what I sing. But it has been so long since I have sung regularly and it is hard for me to find a place to do it. I should find a gospel choir. I like gospel.

But I could care less. I found him, and that is the important thing. 3 years ago his world was turned upside down, as well as mine when our inner circle started to unravel under the strain of life. No details but, it was funky. I wonder about black gay men's shit. Or black bisexual men's shit. Do people really know what a tight rope this is in the community? But things are changing. I saw some New Orleans Bounce videos on Youtube. They are all self made, and the boys are really bouncing . . . like the girls on the videos that everyone detests. It was weird, I turn a half cocked eye at the girls with the gigantic asses like they have been pumped up with Afrosteroids, but the boys wiggling does something to me . . . as long as the onion is not too big . . . but big is relative . . . no?

Does this make me hypocritical? I look at the girls as being used, but I look at the young men and think . . . hummffff. Would I think about the women differently if I was 100 percent straight?

OK, I gotta go. It is the beginning of the weekend and I have to finish a couple of applications, finish the list of references I am making, catch up on my Publisher's Weekly back issues, and clean-up my list of blog friends on the right. I have not been as diligent in trying to read them all as I should, but I have been in transition. Funny, today listening to New Orleans Bounce and watching Booty Shaking and craving sweet, salty and greasy things . . . I all of a sudden missed The South. I like that anybody can be delectable there. It is a very, very nice feeling.

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