Thursday, September 28, 2006

Further Delays in Our Departure


Got word from the large bureaucracy across the Hudson, I don't have a position, they screwed up my application. And they say I have to wait until June. Plus they had more applicants than positions open, so I have to wait.

I don't have time to wait.

Well, all the other applications are out and . . . I have to wait! I am pissed because I was offered my German job back the day I interviewed for this position. There is something about New York's gargantuan civil service departments that has always been hard for me to deal with. Add local politics on the block an in the boroughs, or the lottery system for affordable housing, and it all becomes mind boggling. But there are still reasons to be here.

I have about 6 pitch letters I plan on writing for Q & A's.

So, if I am terse with my blog postings over the next couple of days it is because of writing and reading . . . I got about 3 books circulating through my fingers.

Got to look forward.

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