Friday, September 29, 2006

Picture Show

Saw The Last King of Scotland today. I loved it and talked to the Harlem Baker about it off and on. But later I realized I loved the performances very much, and I loved the cinematography of the African landscape even more than where the film took me. I won't talk about the specific parts of the film that hints at it not being perfect, but I will give a clue.

The descent into the "chaos" mimics The Serpent and The Rainbow and for me that is where the objectivity that the film proposes in showing the decadence of Idi Amin and his destructive path starts to fall apart. It is very much about the carte blanche that the world gives a young European traveling to the third world, and its destructive force. It is not about the political situation that got them there in the first place.

I will leave it at that. Great Performances. And up to a certain point a great movie until the pin slips and we are left with another chaos of Graham Greene's scale and accidental white tourists' folly.

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