Sunday, October 01, 2006

Another White House Page Scandal

OK, Mark Foley! What is up? For real.

And this time just before the elections in November and you hold a seat in southern Florida for the Republicans. This touches on many things, kind of like the McGeevey case. I wonder what will be the final outcome of this guys career (flushed down the toilet and heading for the Gulf of Mexico as I type). It was remarkable to see him smiling and walking down the street with his buddies. I wonder if that is old or new footage.

G.O.P. Cover-Up in Post-Catholic Priest Scalded and Scandalized America That would have been my headline on the front page of the New York Times. Americans will look at this as a trust issue, and the behavior of the Republicans will come into laser view. It is an interesting turn of events.

I guess we have to await the outcome. It makes you wonder about the kinds of sports and stunts that are happening in the halls of Congress. And what about in the past, like 1850 or so? Were there pages? Oh!, if those august halls, and well worn carpets and sofas, could talk . . .

Just a thought.

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