Sunday, October 08, 2006

Multi-Tasking Sunday

Not much time to blog.

This morning I watched a bit of talk Sunday. I think the Mark Foley legal thing is about to blow over soon, it can go on but for so long because he did not do anything wrong that we know of yet. It is all just talk on message services and cell phones. And jacking off on the the other end of your telephone or broadband brings up certain legal issues that I hope I (and about 70-something million other web surfers)will never have to face in public.

No one goes to jail for foreplay. Especially self inflicted foreplay.

So, that is that for Mark Foley. He will be in Siberia for a while.

On the flipside . . .Gays, pedophiles, sexual predators, and Republicans . . . that is a whole different conversation.

This is karmic payback for the Republican Party's symbolic gay bashing of the gay marriage issue with a faux George Washington wig, rogue and powder. Plus!, they pissed on the Log Cabin Republicans by not excepting their money or formally inviting them to the ball. We got a tongues untied situation concerning what Republicans desire against the backdrop of the policy they uphold. It is uncertain whether the conservative powers believe in the theology and morality of their populace; but, it is for certain, many may not practice these beliefs in bed.

This conversation will mutate more concerning closeted behavior; there are whispers concerning the other shoe dropping in the congressional halls on the page issue. I wonder if any are democrats.

Had dinner with Mendi and Keith 2 nights ago. It was really nice. Saw R and his "ex" A. We had a great time. Talked about graduate school versus writing, America versus Germany and all the variations of those two questions.

I am going to make the transition to NYC pretty soon, or maybe just closer to that area. There are a lot of artist around and I am finding that I am gaining greater support from those communities than from my immediate family. Not that family is bad, but I think that you can guess the situation. Accountants, Biologists, Engineers, white suburbs, sidewalks, mall rats and me. Which one does not belong?

OK. I am doing research for pitch letters, reading Keith Boykin's interviews with the cast of Noah's Arc (among other articles) and doing more applications.

Ciao for now.

What if this pushes the ultra-conservatives to forming a 3rd party? They very well could do that. Then we will be off to coalition based politics where several parties try to gain the majority by getting in bed with their neighbors. Could be positive in that people could show alligence to their "politcs" and not rely on a party to express them. I would start the Universal Health Care Coverage Party and then Sleep with the Gays and the Greens.


John K said...

Actually, the Adam Walsh Child Protection Act of 2006 does criminalize cybersex, quite broadly construed, betweeen anyone over 18 and anyone under it. So, irony of ironies, Foley very likely committed a federal crime because of an unnecessarily intrusive law (there are already federal laws dealing with predatory behavior towards children) he supported and helped to push through Congress. As you may also know, Florida has a similar law on the books, and since one of the sexually provocative IMs appears to indicate that Foley was there while engaging in his cybercruising, he could also be charged with a felony under state law. So it isn't just about foreplay, in no small part because of Foley's actions. BTW, now Republican Jim Kolbe, the only out gay GOPer in the Congress, has come forward to say that he knew about Foley's "explicit" communications back in 2000. Kolbe also states on the record that he was close to these pages....

Littlemilk said...

Foreplay is a Felony for Foley (say it 10 times fast).

Scandal! (in the Wendy Williams meaning of the word)

Interesting. I have been hearing some chatter about the age of consent in DC being 16. And that Foley knew what he was doing when he targeted this age group.

But, such cybersex laws are scary because many a person may not know they are speaking to a minor. It is like some of these guys that register as sex offenders after having a relationship with a woman they thought was 23, but in all actuality she is a girl of 16. These cases in my mind are rare, but not as rare as I once thought.

Well, this is very ironic, almost too ironic. I was going to make a comment in my blog that I thought the great African powers or some Indian Spirits were in on this. It sounds more and more like a Greek drama everyday.

Let's see what happens to Foley. I kind of feel sorry for him because there is a level of internalized homophobia that he could not shake, and his political life has been a lie to himself and his district. I heard some of the conservative Republican voters speaking from Florida and the contempt they hold for Foley and his homosexual trist is shocking.