Friday, October 06, 2006

Brave New World


I have looked at all of my backed up postings and just decided to post everything as is. I have been away for a while because of life. In the meantime I have watched a bit of UFC (interupted by sister's German assignment, she actually came into the room and began to talk to me in German . . . she is doing very well), saw Project Runway (I know what the controversy is all about, will wait to see it unfold), and saw the season finale to Noah's Arc (predictable, and I can learn a bit from this bitch Noah about dumping boyfriends, he seems to do it like changing underwear . . . but isn't that gay life? Well, sort of? I feel like Noah is caught between the real gay world and something completely unreal. All the other character's have a life that is more varied than Noah's. More on that later. The ending was so predictable that I started to feel like there was not much hope for it at all.)

So, I might go to Princeton tomorrow for an event, and I might not. I have an assignment that is due at the end of tomorrow and I just don't know. It is late (3:00 am) and I am going to sleep for a little while longer than usual. I am pretty sure.

Missing You - John Waite

Signing out to Missing you by John Waite. I have been in serious eighties music mode for weeks.

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