Friday, October 06, 2006

Tzarist Russia/Soviet Russia

I can't help but think about 20th century Russia in these strange days of capitalist dominion. This video reminds me of the Rasputin/Empress Alexandra pamphlets from the turn of the 20th century implying that they were having very special sorts of spiritual and governmental consultation sessions (or maybe not so special). Many people have talked to me about Condoleeza and Bush in this way, especially after she called him her husband in a televised interview. Who knows? Their similarities are not found so much in the idea of counsel and ruler being involved in carnal knowledge as it is the people being feed up by the acts traditionally decreed by inner courts and sanctums. Declarations of war and assessments of the economy being done by one ruling class is pretty primitive; yet, we assign sexual acts to our rulers' blunders and follies. It is such a base response, not to mention predictable. War should be declared by referendum, but something tells me we would still select this war under the information that was given so that is no safety net. If the masses of people are not discerning, then the masses are gullable . . .

OK, enough, I am starting to sound like an old Marxist that needs a good shag . . .

I could be making a stretch cause this cartoon is pretty gross. I hope you didn't open it at work or around the kiddies. But my inner teen, which I have been listening to more often, loves it.

Then there is this former congressman Mark Foley in rehab thing. It is very Soviet Russia no? You remember when the leaders used to all get pneumonia and about 2 months later we got a new party leader to loath. I am just old enough to remember dem days. It is like we send these guys off to some secret place surrounded by shrinks and lawyers, where they are resigned to taking the steps needed to make their professional lives viable again. The things that make this political Siberia particularly American are:

1. The protestant form of confession known as testifying. This can be anything from what one has done wrong to what others have done to you. Foley has come up with tree tings: he was molestated by a clergyman, he is gay, and he is an alcoholic. Two are his fault, one ting is not.

2. He has gone to rehab for self help, implying that it is of his own accord in order to conquer inner demons.

3. He says that the molestation thing is not an excuss, but it is a very passive agressive excuse. I guess the next thing will be an act of atonement. I don't believe this to be bad. I still love McGeevey and I do love Mel Gibson in the big wide exspansive Christ like version of adoration to all (the guy is a cheap tragic figure in a certain way though, a little bit of down under machismo and a touch of egotistical self-grandizement, topped with a big scope of divine calling, chased with 4 shots of Meyer's Rum).

I am really into all this. The Woodward book is on my list (I should really make an wishlist at this point). The Dow is up, home prices are falling, Iraq is off the chain, Afghanistan is boiling without a watchful eye and the economy is slowing.

I interviewed twice today. Both good responses. I wonder what will be next.


Anonymous said...

Great image of Alexandra and Rasputin - where did you get this from?

Littlemilk said...

I can't remeber. Check out the URL of the picture. I probably just googled it.