Friday, October 06, 2006

On Amy Irving (The Lost Tapes, Part .25)

From September 18th

Good day. Was finishing up the last bit of editing on the last application in the stack. Now I have to go look for more. It is like I am a scavanger or something, or maybe more like some broken spirited, handicapped and poor fisherman or woman that is waiting for the village's boats to come back so they can collect the scraps, beg to prove their worth on the open sea, or negotiate their pay.

The war is getting me down I must admitt. It is endless as the reality of the situation starts to sink in on me and the American population I suspect. There is no road map on how to fight this war and the facts concerning our dealings with all of the extreme factions in the past are truncated and fragmented. How did this all begin?

Interestingly enough I saw the beginning of The Fury with Amy Irving, John Cassavettes and Kirk Douglas. It takes place in the 1970's and starts off with a seen on the sea somewhere in the Middle East. This film was made in 1976! I watched a bit of it because I had a big crush on Amy Irving. I guess you could call her the nerd's pin-up doll. And I love John Cassavettes. I had to get up and do some work for my father's company in the middle of it, so I did not finish seeing it. Maybe another time.

But at this time, it feels like the end of the world to me. I don't know why, but there is something distinctly wrong. It is precisely wrong and lingering like tanins on the tongue or a hand swishing through a warm spitton looking for that ring or necklace that you never thought much of, but can't bare to live without. We have turned a corner I am afraid, and there is not much that any pundit can do

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