Friday, October 06, 2006

Unshaven Thoughts on McGeevey, Bush and Gotham Bookmart (Lost Tapes Part .5)

More unedited ramble from 9/19.


I left all of my shaving supplies at Harlem Baker's house and now my face looks like a pipe cleaner. Thank god my Caesar is still fly (smile).

I went to sleep reading about the war. Now I wake up and there is something going on in Thailand. I need a cup of coffee first. At my house CNN is on all the time. My youngest sister started to watching Beyonce's Deja Vu one morning and all of a sudden my father looked from behind his paper and said "Since when have we started watching anything but the news in this house?" We have an unbelievable amount of televisions to accomadate all the different tastes and generations, believe it or not.

Today, it is very warm, like a late summer's day. The nights are cool though, I always sit on my porch for a couple of minutes before I sleep. I am really amazed at the house my father and stepmother bought. The space it has and how it allows me to annex a corner to do my work. Overall it has been a pretty nice month back with them, much nicer than I thought. I have not spent this much time with them in about 7 years. The only friction that we have had was over my dad's Vanilla Grey Goose. I dogged it without asking and turns out it was a birthday present. I thought I could drink it cause they said I could have all the beer in the house. Grey Goose is obviously not beer. I mixed it with pineapple juice on ice. Vanilla Grey Goose mixed with fruit punch or cherry Juicey Juice taste like cough syrup if you were every wondering. I will have to buy him some more this week.

Today the former DL Governer of New Jersey who was having an affair with an Israeli gentlemen released his memoirs. He will be on Oprah today. My father will probably watch this because of his hawkish instincts concerning the political process. I will be watching to see what his experience was like and to see how he identitfies himself. I think he is gay after reading the New York Times articles on him. It will be more interesting to see what the women's reactions will be to his confessions. I can already see where it is going.

Maybe I will watch it with the rest of my family. We don't pry into each other's business, at least here at my father's house. Instead all manners and matters of sex are pretty open to discussions though my father places all homosexuals within the ranks of Michael Jackson and Little Richard. And as time has gone on, I think he believes that they are freaks because they are not married and/or don't have kids. It is not a sex thing but a manly thing, and I think that this attitude has shaped my sexuality greatly.

Other than that, Bush's speech to the UN is on today. I think that it will be a non-event. A line from the the movie Elizabeth with Cate Blanchett comes to mind. It is that point where young queen Bess is sitting with her ministers and they are pushing for war with Mary of Guise played by Fanny Ardant. She is clearly stressed and nervous and busy asking for her minister's advice when after glancing at the papers she utters something about not liking wars because "the outcomes are uncertain." The short of it for us living through this 21 century fiasco is that the forces of war have been unleashed, and whether we paint ourselves as the rational West and they paint themselves as the valiant self sacrificing warriors of Islam, death and destruction are on a roll and no one knows what it will take for peace to ensure. Nor do we know when it will climax. This is becoming rapidly a war where issues concerning energy consumption are mixing with religious themes and issues of colonial partition. And Scooter B (?).

My barber in Tennessee said it best. "Did you see Bush this morning?" he screamed to the whole room. I simply nodded my head a little, he was busy cutting the back of my head. "That thang is crazy! He wasn't making any sense! He was confusing himself."

And if you every have seen a whole press conference, during the day, uninterupted or interpreted by CNN, then you will see why my barber said that.

Gotham Book Mart is in trouble again. I wonder about their business model or if they are receiving the right counciling. I talked about Edwardian and Jackie O afterparty remix white folk with J. These are the guys that come to mind. I hope the world has not passed them by. And I wish with all my heart that they could find a way of transfering their literary position and tradition to our 21st century world.

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