Monday, October 02, 2006

The Old Gentried Guards and the Princely Pages

There will be congressional hearings about young pages and stewards working in the halls of our congress. I can feel it. This is becoming a public spectical and it is easier to stage after all that internet stuff congress and the Attorney General brushed up a while back.

It is all going to start to unravel and I wonder if we will ever have a true picture of what Congressional culture really is?

The majority of the interns are saying that they have had no problems from the congressmen. I do believe that is the case. I just wonder about the former pages that are caught in the middle. I know that working with young people is a very delicate thing. They hold there mentors and elders in high esteem, and disappointment can be devasting in ways that are not easily seen. But admiration is also a ficlked thing and could turn to attraction. I wonder how far Foley actual went with the pages. I think this only scratches the surface of some compulsive behaviors this guy harbors.

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