Friday, March 17, 2006

Gone Fishin'

I am finishing packing and heading out to Memphis in the next half hour for Big Mama's birthday bash. She will be 84. I have 4 aunts and 4 uncles on that side (surviving that is, my grandmother had 11 children -- 6 boys and 5 girls -- counting my father, who was the eldest). Last count I had 32 first cousins, but that has increased for sure. The number of 2nd and 3rd cousins is impossible to comprehend. My grandmother was one of 17 children -- 3 girls and 14 boys.

My mother was an only child so all of my maternal cousins my age are 3rd cousins. And I know every single one. So this is all very exciting.

I feel like I have always grown up around extremes.

As I am walking out the door, they are talking about the 9 trillion dollar credit limit the government has.

My German business students found that the American idea that one takes out a loan and then gambles on future profits and earnings to be a bit too optimistic. Others thought that it was plan stupid. I think that about my student loan now.

Assumptions and misinformation.

It is the American way I guess.

This way shows all of our faults and has shocked the world more than most think.


Gone fishin'.

Will write back when I get back.

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