Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Paradises

Last night on Independent Lense I saw a documentary on Oakley Hill III (who I think was Alfred Jarry re-incarnated and Bacchus carnated . . . and I am being for real).

Then I saw the Fanny Lou Hammer Documentary.

Did paperwork.

Went to bed.

Woke up.

Went to Vandy at 2:00 pm. Talked to a professor about Martinique and Guadalope. Had a great time. Talked about Haiti and what is going on. And a bit about the past, grandmothers, their generation of black intellectuals, etc . . . We talked about the Duvalier regime. We also looked at pictures of the family online. Simone, Francois, Jean-Claude and the others. Have not had a discussion like that for months. And no one thought I was weird.

For once.

Sometimes I wonder about the self-imposed isolation that I have started to form. It is not so much the social but the things that are meaningful to me I know longer share so quickly with others. That is life I guess.

Dissertation, even though it is taking forever, is starting to take shape. I have found my focus. I find Firmin and Price-Mars' translations to be long and flamboyant. And funny a little dry at the same time. For us there truths are evident, but for 1895 and 1927 they were profound.

All well.

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