Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Memphis Epiphany/Nashville Epiphany


Got back yesterday afternoon. I feel so much better and out of my funk after being with family. It is all very complicated because my paternal grandmother had so many of dem kids. So the family drama is really deep, but I feel more relaxed with them than on my mother's side of the family. It is much smaller, uppitier and full of pretensions. You get in trouble when you start to believe the mask you wear is really the skin on your face.

Anyway. I might take a break to work on this blog a bit. Learn some more functions. Give you a bigger link list. And there is an entry I want to write dealing with the Surrealist and this book I am just about finish reading. I identify with Surrealist art, but seperating their radical purpose from its links to Trotsky and the communist is essential. It is this radical purpose that Alejo Carpentier will weave into Magical Realism. But, the surrealist were due to die, or just experience resurrection after resurrection like in British New Wave music videos or movies like the Ring and Ring II.

Anyway, I digress from my Memphis epiphany . . .

This is a good time cause that bowl of gumbo I had a couple of days ago really cleared my mind. And when we started to talk about ancestors in a very real sense (at least with the youngest uncle) I got a good picture of what I am working with. Big Moma gave me the names of her parents and grandparents and told me which ones were pure African and which one was Native American (mom said she had meet some and attested to all that she said). So I will probably slow down on the blog entries because I want to follow up on the information.

The Best Story From the Birthday Party!

Unbeached Whale a.k.a. Long Lost Cousin: Tubby, I got back as far as 1807 with my mother's family tree. I am sure I can do it with my fathers.

Tubby a.k.a. Cousin With a Gigiantic House in Memphis: Really?

Jay, Tubby's Little boy a.k.a 12-Year-Old With Pins Sticking Out of His Leg From a Motorcycle Accident: Yeah, me and my daddy we looked up our family tree. We thought that we started out in German and it turns out to be right. There was this lady that came for Germany and she bumped nasty with a black slave and since then we been black on black.

Long Lost Cousin: (Speechless, I mean completely silent)

It was so classic. I loved it. OK, there are obvious problems with this thinking. But my little cousin Jay's speech pattern is so right on.

The rest of the trip was me catching up on Katrina. Tubby said that Pass Christian is gone and so are many other places. New Orleans is having to function with just 1/3 of the tax base. Can you believe it?


Multi-tasking is effecting my fiction.

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