Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spring Blog Hibernation

Alright. I gotta take a break for a little while from the blog entries. There is some community building stuff to do -- need to reach out. Some geneological stuff I gotta do. Some family drama fresh from Big Moma's birthday that needs to be settled. Some weeding to do since the roses are showing knew leaves and my Stella D'Oro has decided to be greener than all the other stuff in the back.

Plus, I gotta re-do this blog in a certain way.

So, hands are full.

More later.

Off to a lecture at Vandy right now.

ciao ciao.

1 comment:

John K said...

I wish you the best, W, with all you've got before you. Keep me posted on when you're back to blogging or in the NYC! Peace, J