Thursday, August 03, 2006

The Migrant

I got a post from Das Experiment.


What a screwed up situation!

I wonder if he knows?


But he is sitting in the same spot on the Swiss/German border and I am moving yet again . . . What does that say about European social system? I tell you what it says: "Many people don't learn to work and make a life by themselves!"

America is not so bad after all

who needs love when you can get a 401K and a 2nd job.

I am being cynical.

And I am not.

But it is the truth.

I would be lying if talking to him, now and then, doesn't make me feel like writing.

I have been caught up in a ton of things dealing with man to man love lately. I have been reading about Wittgenstein for example. And I must say I have a new found appreciation for him. I also watched all of season 4 of OZ except for the last season. I love Keller! I might buy the that box set just to keep him for prosperity. I also saw the Sopranos season 4 I believe. It was very, very, very good. It is a different type of man-to-man love. I am toping this love fest with Terry Eagleton's After Theory. Feels good. I am after all trying to turn into a historian, and Eagleton puts the intellectual history of the Western world in good perspective. I am a man that needs broad strokes when cerebrally masturbating.

All of this was what I was doing before I left for Europe 5 years ago. I lived in NYC. I worked at a publishing company. My agent worked for HBO and moonlighted on the side finding me some gigs. The both of us will be back in business soon I am sure. Plus I was running trying to get some perspective on an intellectual world that was tossing me around like Dante. There was the Paradise in Harlem, Edwardian purgatory in Gotham Book Mart and Hell on Earth at Dorling Kindersley. I was in my 20's. It is Ten Years now since I walked into that publishing house. Wow!

I got an interview in NYC. Tuesday. If it works, then the long rest here in Nashville will be over.

It will be different this time around.

I will have my Terry Eagleton in hand and my eyes wide open.


John K said...

Good luck with the interview. Wittgenstein yes, Eagleton hmmm....

Littlemilk said...


Are you not into Eagleton? I dig him because he can give me a good picture of the academy and its history. Seeing all the dates and important personalities lined up is a good thing.

I never benefited from that perspective before, I just read in the dark.

I am not sure about his politics. In a certain way he is apolitical. And in another way he reduces the events of African Independence, Black Power, the melt down of the British empire and other events as if the Western Cannon created these things, when in fact, it is the philosphers and thinkers of Europe that became "notified" of the struggle by its coloured participants.

There is no Prospero. But I do love the allusion.

So, you gotta expand on your point of view when you get time.