Saturday, August 05, 2006

Nashville City Limits

I think I am pretty good at packing. It is very interesting. My whole life is chaos in motion, but all I need is to see a suitcase and I can have a year's worth of mischief organized and doing my bidding by lunch time.

I am running late and cannot really write because I got to be out of here by 4pm. I have been quiet most of the morning. My mother is doing better than I thought, and things are a bit painless actually. It is funny. I have been here almost exactly a year and a half, just as a shaman down on Ellington Place told me. I got to e-mail his ass when it is time to find an apartment in NYC. You know what I mean?

Last night was hard. I took my 3 god-daughters shopping for school clothes. Enough said. 12, 10 and 9. Macy's 3rd floor.

So nothing else to report. I busted my knee after voting. Fell off a sidewalk in front of a church. It is funny. Some of the council members are the same people I saw when I was graduating from high school 16 years ago. They were all in the church parking lot with signs. We are all extremely overweight. But they are all older people now. No one in my generation was out there campaigning. And I was among the youngest at the polls.

When I come back I am going to spend some time in the country. Out east. Maybe things will be different there for me. I like Tennessee, I just could not find my groove here in Nashville, but there is a big change coming. We will just have to wait.

Right now, it is a festive war with the gays, the singles, the northerners, the retirees pitied the evangelicals and their families. We will see what happens. All I have seen in the clubs is drugs and men acting like 8th grade girls and Latinas straight from the border looking for a husband. And a change coming up to th constitution concerning gay marriage. But, if they do not make it without a referendum and only by decree, we will have more to worry about.

It makes me dizzy.

But there is flavor here.

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