Tuesday, August 15, 2006

A Rebel With a Pause


I need a break. Losing yesterday's blog was really serious. Damn PC's! Gosh I wish I was at home on my Mac! This crashing shit is too dramatic for me. And we had printer problems while my youngest darling sister was working on her project. That stressed me out too. She is bossy and accidentally hit me in the head with the tip of a pool stick, while she was intentionally giving me orders about my coffee cup. She is like my stepmother.

Later I asked if she was going to put her hands on me while I was in the garden, she laughed then thought a second time about being bossy. I still love her. I know I should not encourage this behavior . . . but, I can't help it. She is my little Jersey Girl.

So, I must say that anyone with an 11-year-old anything roaming through their house on two legs, all fours or just stationary in a pot has all my best wishes and much respect. And anyone dealing with a budding 7th grader (my sister is also very gifted) gets mad praise and my humble acknowledgment of gratitude for keeping at bay the compressed energy that is in their bones and threatens to knock out all who inhabit the earth if one of those hormoned challenged children channel all their commotion to their 7th chakra/third eye. My sister and her friends are a cross between Punky Brewster and The Fifth Element!

I am serious.

Like kneeling down in front of a horse while a flaming sword falls into the hand of my 7th grade geography teacher serious.

I have that much newly found respect for her and all that had to deal with me in Middle School/Junior High.

Other than that. Uneventful day. I took my father to the mechanic to get one of the cars fixed.

I listened to my father's Xydeco Willie tape all the way.

I miss French spoken that way. I wonder if it (Cajun/Creole) will survive the New Normal.



Every girl who is sweet and grainy is named Lucille.

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