Monday, August 14, 2006

Misfits of Science

Misfits of Science

Now, that Logo by broadcasting brothers in tight underwear on national television, not to mention that bubbalicious light skinned doctor , has changed my life for the better I have a confession to make. I am a You Tube addict. And it has changed my life forever.

Today, after printing out all these possible places for me to apply for work in Manhattan, the tune for Misfits of Science came to my mind. I can't remember the year it came out, but it must have been around 1985 or 86. The theme song had this great eighties technotronic beat machine industrial post-new wave neon coloured valley girl construction to it. And the girl who sang it was really singing. She had pipes and could lay waste to all its complexity. I used to just sit in front television and listen to the opening theme song then change the channel. Which many people obviously did because it did not stay on the air that long.

Anyway, I found this obscure gem on You Tube after a life time of not hearing it. You Tube is changing our world forever. This memory became physical on the cyber plane today. Maybe it is just me, maybe I have been living in a hole. But I feel freakin' great.

And tell me how could I not know that I was different from the other boys when I was listening to this.

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