Thursday, February 02, 2006

Ancestors, Anarchy, Autonomy (The Lost Blog)


I posted something on this site and it has been erased. And then my entry for the Feb. 3rd was erased so I had to post it as the 4th. I will cut and paste and save for now on. How much you wanna bet? They were updating last night during my blogging session.

One of my lost blogs was an entire treatise on Denmark, racist European behavior (them bitches say that they don't discriminate, but they sure as hell can be motherfuckin' prejudice!) and a call for Al Sharpton to boycott BET and not the Cartoon Channel. Boondocks is a great show, with much insight on what is going on from the other side of the looking glass. BET and them chicks on the videos is another situation. Them girls got their moosies in the air like ashtrays. When we have a chance to go after either tasteless pornography (I like porn mind you) or satire in the Black community where does the line fall for the preacher man? Enough said.

My post was beautiful, but I don't want to write it again in vain. The word choices and metaphors just clicked after much tweaking and now the shit is gone. This is all the flavor I can recapture.


Here is the rest of the recap because the headline is worth saving.

Ancestors -- They wanted me to rest, I am sure of that. That is what this past year has been about.

Anarchy -- See above. Our world is becoming black and white, the Western World vs. the rest of the World. It is happening so quick it is unbelievable. Makes me think of Jonathan Swift and boiled eggs. It makes me think about what Jimmy Carter said about World War III.

Autonomy -- What I want and crave like a junkie. This is different than detachment. Please meditate on the difference.


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