Sunday, February 26, 2006

There Is A Hot Ass Mess Oozing Out of My Television Screen

OK, I think today is a bullet point day cause I got laundry and reading to do.

1. Talked to cousin Stan. His cold feet are warming to Atlanta again. He is pulling to get some of his models from California to come out to Atlanta. I wish him the best. Hope to see him. And I want to go to LA with him one day.

2. Black Women film fest and conference is happening in Hotlanta. Might go. Got a contact there. I have another meeting with 2 writers who would like for me to become their agent in NYC. Don't have much to loose. I am just going to pass them off to the same agent I am concentrating on delivering some work too. That is what I could do for them, not much else. Will be in then out. I must come back to Nashville.

I just wonder what's up. Why does my life revolve around black women when I get back to the states? Like the arts, culture and black men don't mix? It is weird. As hard as I try, if I find other brothers then many times there is a whole bunch of "work", "pouring T" and "reading" going on concerning how one is dealing with being black and gay or a reminder that "Littlemilk is bi", or confessions from fellow brotha 2 brothas that "they do not know what that (my) experience is like". Thank God for cousins. I can talk to my cousins.

3. Civil War in Iraq and an Abortion Fight, what is going on? All very depressing. This is rapidly becoming a Holy War. The terrible part of it is that I really don't identify with any of this religious war madness. I kind of keep my religon to myself. If I live with someone and pull out my little ancestor pot or what have you, then you know what is up. If I don't live with you, then I keep my mouth shut. The other thing that I know is that no one in Germany goes to church any more. I guess some do, but the idea of living ones life on belief or faith is thought of as being a bit old fashion. Maybe some dare to think of it as backwards. Europeans love their secular society; the seperation of church and state almost equals the erasure of the religon from public life. The Danish artist and editors that participated in that solely cerebral exercise had no idea that people could become so passionate about God. I am convinced of that now. So, I find it a big culture clash turning into a clash of the Northern Hemispheric Titans (The Christian West, The Islam East and Middle Judea). And if an Iraqi Civil War does break out, there is no coalition force to help contain it. Plus this idea of not letting those that were elected through democracy rule is very anti-democratic. We are in that situation now concerning Palestine and Iraq. "Terrible , embarrasing, and sophmoric this foreign policy is" Master Yoda would say. Get ready for the Republic and the Emperor of Dune and all that madness.

Plus Duvalier, Caligula and Hitler were all welcomed by the people no? No one willingly selects a dictator. Many are elected by the people.

Side Note: Everytime I see Armstrong Williams I feel like punching him in the face. At one point he was comparing the idea of Iraqi Freedom and the American Revolution. Williams basically elaborated on the idea that just as Americans had to die for Freedom, so did Iraqis in terms of standing up for themselves and taking over power. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Does anyone know of a reliable number concerning Iraqi deaths? I think it stands at something like 30,000. But I have heard that "estimate" for months now. The fact is no one knows.

3. I realize that I am as close to as many people in the fashion industry as I am with people in the academy. Lenny and Cousin Stan are prime examples.

4. List of music I am listening to on repeat, in this order.

a. "Back In The Day" by Erykah Badu
b. "Can't Explain" by Jill Scott
c. "Check On It" by Miss Knowles
d. "Dark End Of The Street" by Aretha Franklin
e. "Don't Leave Me This Way" by Thelma Houston
f. "Encontros E Despedidas" by Maria Rita
g. "Follow You" (Kenny Dope Mix) by Terry Hunter feat. Charlotte Small
h. "Gabriel" by Lamb
i. "Girl" by Destiny's Child (I love them and I don't care what your momma say!)
j. "Is It OK If I Call You Mine" by Paul Crane (Featured on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of Fame)
k. "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction
l. "Love of My Life" by Erykah Badu featuring Common
m. "Move Your Feet" by Junior Senior
n. "Never Leave Me Alone" from Fame (Gospel Track)
o. "One" by Mary J. Blidge and U@
p. "Rendez-Vous a Minut" by Le Tone
q. "Ride On Time" by Black Box
r. "Shadowless" by Toni Braxton
s. "Share Your Love With Me" by Aretha Franklin
t. "Somewhere, Somehow" by Deep Sensation
u. "Take This Ring" by Toni Braxton
v. "The Fact Is (I Need You)" by Jill Scott
w. That 80's track I can't remember but the refrain is "I'm sugar free/ In the night"
x. "Trippin" (That's The Way Love Works) by Toni Braxton

This all makes me feel very normal. Not down. Away from CNN (any word on Aristide and when he is returning?). And keeps my mind off the fact that I ain't got no real relationship going on. I am starting to notice this. For about 12 months I just didn't notice. Too busy. Now, I am busy, but I need to take care of me. Booo! Hooo! Hooo!

I think it is time to start looking around.
Before I used to just let love bump into me.
That worked for a while.
But now is the time to be proactive.
The world is moving in a crazy, violent and fundamentalist direction.
We all deserve to be loved in such a climate.

6. I am organizing my bookmarks. Started with the evil blogs I have. Will look at the good blogs tomorrow. There are more on my computer than the ones listed here on the blog.

That's all

Good night.

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