Monday, February 06, 2006

The Day After

I have been talking about race a lot lately, more so than I would in Germany. But when I lived in Germany I was always sick in my stomach cause I did not have anyone to talk to about my situation in that country. Everytime I tried to talk to a German about how I felt they would say "I don't know how that feels." Thanks guys for the honesty as usual. I still love all your little German asses.

So, I need new subject matter. How about the fact I am absolutely addicted to Project Runway and that Flava Flav show. What do they put in these shows, MSG? I like Project Runway because anything with creative people catches my interest. And I think one of the guys on there is cute, sensitive, bitchy, bitter, passionate and totally queer. I would do him in a second. I forgot his name though. Arabian Prince said my non-southern accent and my hetero-butchness are my main attractions. It made me think of this guy from France who screamed "Totally Butch!" in disgust when I snorted out a woogey and spat it 10 fit across the Koenigstr. I miss that guy. He was so nice. I don't think I could get very far with the Project Runway guys though. I just don't.

This blog is really starting to wear me down. The whole thing was down yesterday. I guess that is fine, but I could not post anything for two days, nor read for two days so I have been having fits of withdrawl. Glad we are back on line.

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