Tuesday, February 14, 2006

St. Valentine's Day

No plans. Ms. A sent an e-mail wishing me a good trip. I think we might be doing this just friend thing, though I sense that there are some girlfriends chatting around her. They always look at me funny, but now they are getting a bit softer. That happened the day we all shot that commercial at the restaurant. I think they saw me in a different light at work.

Hard to follow their comments since they speak Portuguese so fast, but I understand the bits that I can, and Ms. A is funny. She just watches my face and reactions. But man she has got a lot of girlfriends. A samba school practically.

On the otherside . . .

the Persian Prince and I might catch a movie. Last time we saw Syriana. He said it was realistic, though I found it hard to follow. But since he understood a couple of the languages he translated many a detail for me. Not sure what we will see today when he gets off work. If he is not tired. And if I am not tired. This is Platonic.

Paper organizing time for me. That is my goal for St. Valentine's Day.

You know the words to that old Negro Spiritual: "No Romance without Finance".


I wish everybody

Peace, Love, a bottle of Eros and a pound of Chocolate without tooth decay.

Have a good one.

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