Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The State of The Union

I wanted to make some comments concerning the speech and get into an interesting discussion with some of my fellow writers but . . .

Last night, I went downstairs to watch the State of the Union address and both me and my mom fell asleep within the first three paragraphs. Woke up. Me and mom watched bits of the Parliament/Funkadelic documentary on PBS. It was our second time. I was wide awake, my mom parted her half sleeping lips to say they don't make music like that anymore, "after Parliment/Funkadelic everything went downhill." Sometimes I think my mom has become a church woman because it is convenient. She needs a boyfriend. I then got up and went to the pharmacy. Complete madness. 4 people running around like chickens with their heads cut off. Then I dropped off the video. I owe one million dollars. Black man at the interstate exit on the way back asked me for some money. He was really hungry. He needed help. I did not really notice him till I drove away. I was depressed. Could not get back to the exit to give him something. Got home. Worked on computer. Chatted with the new brown booties that popped up on my new adam4adam account. Downloaded "Jane Says" by Jane's Addiction because I love Perry Farrell's voice and the key he sings this song in is fucking great. Started to work on my project for a while, I am on a new phase. Went downstairs. Watched the replay of the documentary on P-Funk. Realized that me and all my childhood friends grew up that way. Southern and Funk oriented. Fell asleep at 3:30 am. Woke up this morning at 9:30 am. Called Cousin in Atlanta. Called the Bronx. No answer. Made coffee. Called the lady from the Bronx's cell. Talked for a second. Go upstairs. Check Hotmail. Have to return e-mail to my friend down in the lower east side of Manhattan. Intellectual. Wonderful woman. My mentor. Husband just found out he had diabetes. We will talk. Go back downstairs and hear that PRESIDENT BUSH IS SPEAKING IN NASHVILLE TODAY AT 11:50 EST AT THE OPRY HOUSE WITH SENATOR BILL FRIST.

Fuck it. I am staying in my house.

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