Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Sick and Shut In

No post for a couple of days. Sorry. I got some real hard news concerning my trip to Germany and me having to postpone. After that I got really sick with a cold that has held for 4 days.

Fever breaks then comes back then breaks again. Still went everywhere I needed to go this week and started filling out my teaching applications.

More words when I am feeling better. I think one of the symptoms of this bug is writer's block.

Woke up this morning and there was some reality show on MTV with a young guy, a pregnant young mother and his mother-in-law or baby's moma's moma. A bit surreal. There lives are bad acting. Even the birth of their child was stiff, so stiff I found it embarassing. This only left me with one question. In my house, no one talks about relationships or sex, but when I talk to friends from other parts of the country they find the South to be a strange place. Foreign. Not open. Even some black friends found being followed in hotel lobbies and stores to be odd and a new experience. I guess things are that different here, though not as bad as before. Those cats on TV looked like they were from California. Much more open. Even if stiff. Wish I could talk about having sex with my partner in front of my mother.

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John K said...

L/B, I definitely hope you're feeling better soon. Take care, J