Sunday, January 01, 2006


You see the thing is, I did not have the heart last night the tell the living room that Gene Anthony Ray is dead or at least that I read that he had died in a European newspaper. It was New Years and instead of going out with with the gay guys to the club, or out with my co-workers from Mexico and El Salvador, I headed over to some friends' house. We have had a hard year, we have not all been on talking terms, we have been upset with each other and the choices that the others have made but not really looking at our own stuff, and we are seeing relationships change in front of our eyes. 10 year relationships and stuff like that. So, I wanted to start with them, cause we are peas in a pod. A funky left over pod, from Xmas before last.

Anyway, I want to give these friends a name without talking about their shit out in the open on this blogsite. Cause they got massive force, quick tongues and ain't slow about doing street justice on somebody despite their new suburban house and their little dog. So . . . a description and a name . . . hmmm . . . the house consist of 2 beautiful but angry black women in love and one flower child black man in the promise land (who is straight) and they can join powers like the wonder twins (triplets) and put a psychic hurting on a negro so let's call them THE PEOPLE, cause they represent all that practical blactacality that keeps people grounded. But sometimes it can keep you blocked in . . .hince, we are all trying to step out of 2005 and into 2006 more responsibly and spiritually intact. It is a shame though. I always thought we could make a commune together in some very forward and vocal part of my mind. But it is not going to be.

Okay, I digress.

So instead of being with the El Salavadorians (god only knows what was going to happen there, but maybe it is me being xenophobic, surely a good number of white folk would not have hung out with me last night though I live in a nice middle class neighborhood) or with the faggots (we all know what that would have lead too . . . me getting horny and not getting any as it always does in this damn town) I went to The People.

We played my Black Box Greatest Hits Australian import CD. We listened to other hot tracks from the multiple DJ's in the house, then we toasted to 2005 and the bitch that she was. She blew shit down and knocked things over, don't you think?

Then we drank some more, listened to more music, watched Fame with the sound down, then we watched it with the sound up, from the beginning all the way to the end. And all of a sudden people started to talk about Leroy like he was alive and that was his name and they saw him last week. And I just sat there. I watched the film, and I started to remember all these things about the film. And how no one will make a film like that again, and how I wanted to study a million different languages and play trumpet and all those things when I was younger. And . . . and . . . and . . .

We all did.

Think about the past. And what we were doing.

It was a great way to look towards the future of this year. 2006.

Plus I meet a girl at this party.

Well, she is a woman.

She is bisexual.

It makes me feel good.

After a year of waiting for what I really want.

A boy for Xmas.

And a girl for the New Year.

Nothing happened.

Just a telephone number.

I was happy with it.

And I was being honest about all my shit.

And people at the party wer not being judgemental.

And after where I was.

Now . . .

I think America is freer in certain ways than Germany.

Or maybe it is the fact that I have a deep understanding of the language and magic here.

People do what they feel.

I never thought I would think it a novelty.

But after the last 4 years of living without it.

Who knew?

Without magic.

Without doing what you feel.


Nice night.

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