Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Nothing Up My Sleeve

Finally got the little bits of programming script and cutting and pasting down so that I can hook up some links to my little blog. Hopefully these are the first steps to me learning more about programming. So, I have added links to Stan and Woof on my blog. Stan is my cousin, and Woof is a porn star.

And that is about it today. It was computer day, and talking to my father day, which ended in some sort of understanding. He said: "I did not know that you felt so passionately about your work." I did not know what to say to him after that. Just an odd pause. What has he been thinking for nearly 34 years about me anyway?

I guess it is normal. I have chosen a profession that no one in the family has done -- and I am talking family reunion, hundreds of descendents of that coachman and woman servant circa. 1868 family reunion, not just in my house. Stan is in the same boat I believe too.

That is all for today. No deep thoughts, just back to the grind stone.

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