Friday, January 27, 2006

Red Lights and the Late Night Radio Show

I have just one simple question.

Why do I feel a sense of segregation concerning the gay male chat sites in Nashville and maybe in the South in general? Or is this common in other regions of the country?

It could be who I ask. For example, I asked the Arabian Prince for a website and he gave me Manhunt and nudedudes or dudesnude or something like that. Everything is alright. Both are mostly white. The thing that is interesting about Manhunt is that there are white guys that say that they are not interested in "fems, fats, sissies, or black" . . . or what have you.


And the hot white guys that I like on there are not interested in me when I send a picture. Some decline politely, other never respond.

Very Very interesting.

The guys on nudedudeseordudesnudeorwhathaveyou don't really care. Nice people.


Now, my cousin told me to check adam4adam. This is all the rage in Atlanta. Go to it in Nashville and my inbox has been fucking attacked by gorgeous guys. Majority black. Some are whites that like blacks.

Interesting again.

Like is this what I am dealing with? Like if I go out with a white guy here is it that big of a deal in the gay community and is anybody talking about this in Nashville's gay community?

The clubs are the same.

I go to Tribe and I just sit and drink. No one speaks to me at all. OK, maybe 3 times in one year.

I went to Blu, the black club, once and it is like being in an episode of Cheers. I think I will go more often. But the politics are so interesting to m


And, what is up with the descriptions on adam4adam, everything is written phonetically, and all the black folk call themselves: niccas, nikkas, negas, and other variations. And Sup, Wasup and Wazup, for "what's up" is very common.

What do you call this script I wonder. It is part Ebonics (hate that word but will use it) and part electronic iconography because the word represents something larger than its intended meaning. The way the letters are put together show that the one speaking is a real thug and therefore a real "man", and yes, now you can put your dick in my ass. It is like an EZpass for thug ass.

I gotta master this language, fuck French, though they got homothuggies too.

My encounters have been brief, masculine tension filled sentences that are short on content and context, fast on describing sexual acts. Talking becomes like dancing with scorpions.

I love it!

But interesting enough, I was writing to this guy online. When I sent my pic, he said I looked nice but from my vibe I was not his type. I was wondering if it had to do with me speaking "proper". He then said that he was sure I was "nice peeps . . ."

More on that later. There are some ghetto truths that I am becoming reacquainted with through my best friend. There is also that feeling that you are not wanted in the hood cause you are too smart and that you are not dealing with "reality". That double truth. That survivors guilt. That outside contempt.

But this is about sex and a little bit of language.

I think this is a great find. But I find it hard. It is enough to be exoticized by white gay culture, but to be exoticized by other blacks who are looking for a beautiful black dick is a bit hard for me to stomach at times. Though I must say I have missed all the Latino boys and Black boys from the hood in the past FOUR YEARS. If you remember Stella's or Cats in NYC then you need to send a shout out.

4 Years!

Then there is the question of literacy in the community. I am afraid that this is a sign that people do not read generally that much any more. This iconography is basically the recording of inner thoughts, and those that are expressing themselves are using words the same way they do on the street or on the phone. They are not switching to proper English usage for the page.

Oral culture/Oral sex

strikes again.


Kai in NYC said...

In a pinch, just being extremely terse and heavily abbreviating (you=u, are=r, too=2, etc) will stand in for the Ebonics and thug talk. Err... so I hear.

Littlemilk said...

OK. I got you. ;)

John K said...

Try bear411. Segregation is real, as is the reappropriation of the epithets, but with a twist (yallaboi, nukka, etc) I hear.

Littlemilk said...

Yes. Yes. John. That is what I am talkinga about. I am a bit taken a back actually.