Saturday, January 28, 2006


For Pepper

I have a friend from Germany named Pepper.
He said he was not interested in my blog and that I should get a life.
Then I told him to read the fucking blog.
And, I said that
I was not going to fall in love with boys that make me cry anymore.
(it was a joke.)
I had this same problem in Cologne with other Germans and Americans.
Reading and University and Teaching is not a life.
Some even hate to read.
Theater people.
Imagine that.
They did not understand what I did but they are always looking for scripts.
Then there was that boy from the Far East that said that all I was good for was reading and kinky sex.
He is right.
But he said it with such contempt.
But he liked the sex.
Such flashbacks are
starting to influence my decision to return.
Everything was great except for that one thing --
No one could see what I really do.

Or maybe I should check out Berlin.
I wonder what that place is like.
Was there once.
Like New York.
Mayor is gay.
But there is no work.
Conservatives in southern Germany don't really care.
At least the conservative I have fallen out of love with said that.
Some say Hamburg is good.
I like it there too.
I still like him too.
I am going to
tongue him
twist his tits
in front of his girlfriend when I see him again.
Whoever that is this week.

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